Femoro-popliteal Region / DES S.E. - NiTiDES™

Polymer-free Amphilimus™ (Sirolimus + Fatty Acid) eluting stent for lesions in the SFA region. 
The absence of polymer minimizes the risk of inflammation/thrombosis, while the proprietary formulation enhances drug absorption.

The proprietary polymer-free Abluminal Reservoir Technology allows a sustained drug release, exclusively towards the vessel wall, up to 3 months, eliminating the renowned drawback associated to the polymers

The Amphilimus™ formulation (Sirolimus + Fatty Acid) enhances drug bioavailability, permeability and maximizes product overall safety and efficacy

Thanks to its haemo and bio- compatibility, the Bio Inducer Surface acts as anti-thrombotic coating and it promotes a fast-healing sealing against heavy metal ions release

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