About Alvimedica

Headquartered in Istanbul, Turkey, Alvimedica is a young, agile medical devices company devoted to developing minimally-invasive medical technologies for medical professionals seeking the next level of innovation in the operating room. Company’s commitment to improving surgical procedures through innovation is driven by its sincere care for patients’ quality of life and the goal to positively impact clinical outcomes.

Founded in 2007, Alvimedica has two manufacturing facilities, in Catalca (Istanbul), Turkey, and Saluggia (Vercelli), Italy, where world class, high-quality CE-certified coronary stents, balloon catheters and diagnostic or guiding catheters are manufactured by making use of the latest technologies in design and product development. Currently Alvimedica operates in more than 50 countries around the world directly or through representative offices

Alvimedica owns unique technologies applied to its products such as dedicated stent designs, pure carbon coating increasing the haemo and bio compatibility and the latest and most advance technologies in the drug eluting stents.

Alvimedica conducts R&D efforts in cooperation with physicians and scientists around the globe, firmly believing that collaborating with physicians is the best way to improve its product solutions and services; co-creation in the interest of patients. With two R&D Centers of Excellence in Istanbul (Turkey) and Saluggia (Italy) mutual projects with universities from around the world are carried out to develop new technologies in the areas of endovascular and interventional cardiology. These projects provide a seamless input to the company’s R&D studies.

Pioneering technology, collaboration and care in the areas of endovascular and interventional cardiology; Alvimedica invites medical professionals to join in its ambitions in creating best medical devices for people around the globe.

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