The most important factor behind the success of Alvimedica is its employees. Our goal is to support the career development, performance and motivation of our employees and to improve corporate culture continuously with different training opportunities, short-term and long-term rotations and various other projects.

Career opportunities
– Fast and constantly growing
– Career and training oppurtunities local and international
– Colloboration with international universities, corporations and academicians
– Social benefits
– Appropriate and equitable environment for Human Rights
– Hardworking and producing team

Internship Possibilities
Internship opportunities are provided for a limited number of students at our company every year during the summer and winter months. Regarding the compulsory internship that needs to be completed by university and high school students during the summer months, an application can be made during the period between March 15th and April 15th by sending a CV through the job posting found in our website. Depending on the intern quota, the applications with personal backgrounds suitable with the requirements will be evaluated and selected. Free lunch is provided to our interns and they can benefit from our transportation services. However we do not have a wage schedule designed for our interns. The summer term internship is carried out between the months of July and September. In order to provide more opportunities to more students, each internship period is limited to one month. Internship applications for the fall semester can be made during the period of August 15th and September 15th by sending a CV through the job posting found in our website.


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