Alvimedica Lecture at Solaci 2017

Session: Coronary revascularization in the diabetic patient

PCI in diabetic patients: current challenges and future perspectives – R. Trillo

Alvimedica TNT Session at EuroPCR 2017:

Session: Challenges in diabetic patients: EVOlving PCI’s clinical outcome through innovative technology.

Session Objectives – R. Mehran
Clinical efficacy of PCI in diabetic patients is inferior to that in non-diabetic patients – S. Banai
The choice of a unique formulation, coupled with a prolonged polymer-free elution, maximises DES efficacy – R. Byrne
The latest clinical evidence in diabetics for the amphilimus eluting polymer-free DES – R. Romaguera
Session evaluation and key learnings – A. Colombo

Alvimedica Lecture at JIM 2017

Session: DES and Optimization technology 

The ultimate EVOlution in DES technology for diabetics: Cre8 EVO – Rafael Romaguera

Alvimedica Lectures at LINC 2017

Session: Diabetic patients and critical limb ischemia – Patient specific approaches and novel techniques

Current developments in SFA treatment and future opportunities – D. Scheinert
The latest treatment approach in BTK lesions – D. Karnabatidis

Alvimedica Session at AsiaPCR 2017

Session: Cre8™: How innovative technology enhances PCI clinical outcome

Session objectives – E. Eeckhout
Abluminal reservoir technology: how to control the elution of any substance from a DES without the employment of a polymer – J. Tan
Science behind the Amphilimus™ formulation and efficacy in Diabetic patients – G.H. Choo
The Cre8™ clinical outcome – C. Godino
Clinical efficacy is always coupled with safety: my clinical practice with Cre8™ – P. Stella
Key learnings – E. Eeckhout

Alvimedica Lecture at ICI 2016

Reduction of DAPT in Diabetics after DES;the U Short Registry – Dr. Pieter R. Stella

Alvimedica Lectures at TCT 2016

Alvimedica – Cre8™: Design Specifications and Results – G. Sardella
Short and Medium-term Clinical Outcome of Amphilimus™ Polymer-Free Drug-Eluting Stent in Diabetic Patients: An All-Comers Multicenter Spanish Registry (Control-8 Registry) – A. Gomez

Alvimedica TNT Session at EuroPCR 2016:

Session: PCI in diabetic Patients: Turning challenges into today’s solution.

Review of the tools to be used during the LIVE demonstration – S. Verheye
How the controlled formulation elution of the polymer-free Cre8™ DES impacts efficacy in diabetics – R. Byrne
The latest Cre8™ clinical evidence in diabetics empowers unique Amphilimus™ formulation efficacy – G. Sardella
The polymer-free Cre8™ DES in my everyday clinical practice – P Stella
Session evaluation and key learnings – E. Eeckhout

Alvimedica Symposium at AsiaPCR 2016

Session: Cre8™ DES in diabetics: when innovation in drug elution technology is translated into empowered efficacy’

‘Introduction to PCI challenges in diabetics’ – J. Fajadetet
‘How the innovative Amphilimus™ formulation eluted from Cre8™ empowers efficacy in diabetics’ – J. Tan
‘The latest Cre8™ clinical evidence in diabetics confirms its enhanced efficacy in this cohort of patients’ – R. Mohd Ali
‘Take-home messages’ – J. Fajadet

Alvimedica Lecture at LINC 2016

Session: Multidisciplinary patient-centered approach for diabetic patient treatment

The latest treatment approach and current developments in SFA – D. Scheinert

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